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Well, thank you all for the replies. I guess it doesn't serve as an attachment hole or anything like that. But 'bigger hips on a man' doesn't really sound reasonable to me. Maybe for a more rotund gentleman, as JohnMS mentioned.
Gentlemen, forgive my ignorance, but this has piqued my interest. I just bought a shirt from Holt-Renfrew here in Ottawa, and noticed that the bottom buttonhole is horizontal (unlike the others) , and sown with red thread. This buttonhole would be pretty far down inside the pants, so I assumed it somehow serves to keep the shirt from coming out of the pants, but don't quite understand how. Any ideas?
I'm loving these. I'll give one of my more entertaining ones. This was at a local church, and a friend of the family saw me in a mildly metallic (give me a break, I was 17.) shirt under a black suit. It was really sunny outside and he looked at me and went 'Whoa. Now that's a shirt.' I smile and try to downplay it, but he goes on: 'So does it ever cause interference with electronics?' I laugh, but he keeps on going. 'That thing must have its own magnetic charge. Does...
Michel Chossudovsky comes to mind. He's very anti-, but his arguments are concise and objective, and extremely hard to argue against. This is probably because his work is very often just a frighteningly well-organized regurgitation of facts.
Quote: The feared eyes of the poor tortured animal, with his legs cut, without his fur and lying on other bloody half dead animals like him = horrible and spooky . I would have killed these guys if i had seen them doing this. This is unbelievable . Seriously.
Quote: Quote: (quill @ April 12 2005,09:13) Are we outsourcing ourselves to death? Seems like nobody in America actually makes anything anymore. In reality, more jobs flowed into the U.S. over the past five years then flowed out thanks to globalization. I know it's hard to believe, but the U.S. has actually imported more jobs then it has exported. That may be, but it won't last very long. The new trend is the outsourcing of...
Quote: Quote: Do you see China overcoming the stigma it's had for so many years as a place of cheaper quality production? Will China become an even bigger economic player in the very near future, as regards apparel? Remember that all things "Made in Japan" used to be synonymous with poor quality. Already, major Saville Row houses are banking on the mystique of *some* parts of China to sell "Shanghai Bespoke". Very good...
I think Lost in Translation was a good exploration of integrity; it's what you do when no one's looking.
In terms of depth and storyline, Nikita was pretty much the best series I've ever watched. The character develoment over the five seasons was second to none, and yes, the clothes were fantastic. Music choices by the producers were amazing, too. The reason for my love affair with Coldplay and The Cranberries. Quite possibly the best ending of any series I've ever watched, too. I'm really glad to hear that there are others on here that like the series, too.
esquire, I understand your concern and thank you for your input, but I'd like to raise a caution flag, if I could. Stock tips are hardly the only matter of discussion when it comes to finance. Naturally the forum doesn't have to be all-encompassing because that would be quite hard to pull off. But then again, while we may allude to such specifics, we hardly discuss Philippe Dubuc's spring collection for men. We stick to fundamentals, and that's precisely what I was...
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