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Gents, I was wondering if anyone had any links to shoemaking boards on the web. I found a forum a while back that had a myriad of information about this, but haven't been able to locate it since. Although it was mostly centered on cowboy bootmaking, there were a few shoemakers whose works looked (at least, from a superficial observation) like they could pass for anything the English masters produce. Anyone care to help me out? I know all you shoe fetishists have a link...
Quote: Quote: (Tokyo Slim @ June 17 2005,01:51) Anyone know who Bullock And Jones are? And maybe thusly, how old these shoes are? Bullock & Jones is a high end San Francisco retailer, recently relaunched, I believe. Congratulations on your amazing find. I've yet to see any shoes worth having on my thrift store visits. Yesterday's visit was a complete strike out on all counts, too. *sigh* Am I the only one that's annoyed that...
Quote: Don't feed the trolls. I think this is a tongue-in-cheek, incognito post by one of our current members.
Quote: Men, I implore you, drink a beer, grab a girl's butt, make fake farting noises, get your ass down to the record store (that's right, no downloading MP3's) and buy an AC/DC CD, wear faded Van Heusen slacks and stop getting your legs waxed. I shit you not; I actually did every single one of those things last night - minus the buying the AC/DC cd because the record store was closed. I also got a cop to testify that my temporary licence is, indeed,...
These magazines, I'm going to assume, are only printed in Japanese, right? I suppose the photos would be enough to cause salivation, in any case.
So, in summary, the purpose of that red buttonhole is to provide the wearer with a small ostentatious display of style... in their pants.
I'll never forget seeing Fashion File for the first time when I was 12, and seeing a parka-style outfit made entirely out of Polish sausages. Needless to say, that particular florid display wasn't what got me interested in quality clothing. Koji, I just read that bio page of yours. You've performed with Baryshnikov? Wow. I really don't know very well how highly he's regarded here in North America, but from a Russian's perspective, that's very respectable.
Oh, man, it does have that resemblance. The thing is that this is quite sudden - just two or three years ago they had some very solid designs and patterns. None of this over-the-top haute couture bullshit. I remember walking into Morgante - a local menswear store - and seeing this pale cream pinstriped beauty for the first time, and it was absolutely gorgeous. Classical cut, great fabric. Terrific-looking suit, albeit infused with about as much handiwork as something...
Hmm.... Junior. Probably. I think Ed13 was right in asserting it was a Samuelsohn shirt.
Quote: you taking the mickey? Not at all. Living in Ottawa, I've never even *seen* a Hilditch shirt.
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