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It's getting late. The blood-red display of my alarm clock reads a daunting 11:18. I've been at this thing for the last 13 hours. Tactical plans, marketing strategies, environmental analyses... It feels like Philip Cotler got stuck inside my head with a can of spraypaint and suddenly discovered his mischievous streak. What's worse is that my eyes are tired, and I'm out of coffee. Another few hours to go, unfortunately. But after a while it all starts to calm down....
Of all the places I went to in NYC, the Kiton boutique unfortunately wasn't one of them, which I'm regretting now. Feels like my kind of place.
Stay far away from it. If it's anything like the other self-shine creams I've looked at, it's properties stem from being pumped with more synthetic materials and chemicals than Courtney Love.
[quote=Teacher]Okay, who did you piss off? Everyone, apparently, since he has his own acronym. Here's my contribution: OMGWTFBBQ I haven't quite figured it out myself, yet.
God bless you, Mr. Mahon. As for that link... you gotta be kidding me. It's a joke, right? The last thing I will ever do is get involved in forum politics, but come on. You're kidding, right?
"Canali style tie available in other auctions," he says.
mussel, Hermes sale? I thought their stuff supposedly never went on sale.
I guess I can weigh in on this from what little experience I have. 1. What whoopee said. Essentially Saphir Médaille d'Or waxes (the rest of their product line is far too varied for this would-be short comparison, and besides, what else do we care about besides creams and waxes?) use an 8.6% beeswax base, along with turpentine, carnuba wax, and mink, seal and oxfoot oils. They say this is instrumental in not drying out your shoes, but I've never heard of shoes using...
You guys led me on the right path. This is the site I was looking for: Thanks a lot for the info. This is good, though the color selection is severely limited.
Dorian, even a non-stock supplier would do in this case, but unfortunately that seller is long gone. I've tried looking for him and his ebay store closed down.
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