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Alter, another fellow (albeit former) Ottawan? Good to see. I'm here now, attending UO. I see by your location that spending the first thirty years of your life here certainly doesn't warrant the same for the next thirty Also, your userpic is hypnotic.
Antoine, from the site it looks like he's got a catalogue, so you probably just need some measurements to order from him. The satisfaction, quality, delay and color all depend on whom you deal with.
Huntsman, that makes two of us, actually. That thing probably runs in the $15-$20 range. So basically, it's either a watch or an entry-level BMW. edmorel, actually that's the only thing I latched onto, as well. It's a shame. I wonder if you can ask them to remove it, or make a face without it. I mean, that's really nitpicky, but for the money you're paying I'm sure they would oblige. Gah. "Wow, is that a Vacheron?" "Yeah, that's right! Hey, did you also know it's...
I'm in love. Oh, the things I would do to get a look at the movement...
Hey, come on, now. It definitely isn't that bad. There are plenty of places to shop in Ottawa. I've no idea about the brands you're looking for, but besides HR, there are lots of places on Sparks and Sussex. I know Schad Blu carries 7 for all mankind, Nudie, and quite a few other brands. It's limited, of course, because a) it's a public service city (200,000 of the 700,000 people in Ottawa work for the government) and b) because it's small, but it's not the hole everyone...
The best corporate logos I've ever seen are actually all fictional. They're from a game called Eve (http://www.eve-online.com). Here's a sampling: So cool they're hot.
Matt, these are gorgeous. The suede cap looks incredibly soft. Is that monkstrap the shoe you sent to Sr. Lattanzi when it got scuffed?
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I always busted them (though I'm not a TA right now - postdocs just do research). Well, that's what I did, but I did give them a chance, since it is within my jurisdiction (apparently my faculty, in all its splendor and glory, holds us TAs in high esteem). I'm essentially giving them a conditional F until they redo the entire assignment the proper way. One of the guys was an international student from...
Oh, for ****'s sake, I just found another one. This is messed up.
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