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Best of luck, CT. This time of the year is stressful for many. I'll send lady luck to you when I'm writing my exams.
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 But a TA is in the same position of power. It is always that bad situation that has to be considered. What happens if she turns down his advance? The TA is in a position to carry out a form of revenge. Or to just exert pressur in order to get the date in the first place. That's no different than the prof. Yeah, that would be my main problem. After the semester's over, I suppose it's free game, but...
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 This is my philosophy after seven years of college teaching. The younger you are the more likely I am to cut you slack. Everyone needs to be taught how to properly cite things. Even when it is blatant cut-and-paste action, I can give the paper back and suggest that citation could be used, write in your own words, etc. However, if they are a senior and do that, it is an automatic failure on the assingment. ...
Wow. There are some real hardasses on this board. I have a lot of respect for you guys. I'm constantly adding to my list of things I want to do, and several of these posts have inspired new entries. (Not putting a ring at the end of my thing, though, Dmntd :P) Cheers.
1) What size are you? 2) Where do you live? Edit: 9.5! Curses!
nairb, you're absolutely right. I didn't mean to come off short. Just rationalizing. Ottawa isn't my home town by a far stretch, although I've been living here for a good ten years, but I've certainly fallen in love with the city. I should be quiet, anyway, as I do all my shopping in Montreal.
Alter, another fellow (albeit former) Ottawan? Good to see. I'm here now, attending UO. I see by your location that spending the first thirty years of your life here certainly doesn't warrant the same for the next thirty Also, your userpic is hypnotic.
Antoine, from the site it looks like he's got a catalogue, so you probably just need some measurements to order from him. The satisfaction, quality, delay and color all depend on whom you deal with.
Huntsman, that makes two of us, actually. That thing probably runs in the $15-$20 range. So basically, it's either a watch or an entry-level BMW. edmorel, actually that's the only thing I latched onto, as well. It's a shame. I wonder if you can ask them to remove it, or make a face without it. I mean, that's really nitpicky, but for the money you're paying I'm sure they would oblige. Gah. "Wow, is that a Vacheron?" "Yeah, that's right! Hey, did you also know it's...
I'm in love. Oh, the things I would do to get a look at the movement...
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