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Those are some beautiful belts, whomewhat. RIDER: Fuscus is just a colour. It means 'brown' in Latin, although sometimes makers label their goods as Fuscus, so it ends up seeming like a species of its own. Caiman also just means alligator. There are only six crocodylia species that are suitable for making leather goods out of. This is determined entirely by CITES regulations. Basically, CITES App.II species can be imported/exported with the right permits, whereas App.I...
I don't think there is anything explicitly wrong with wearing anything exotic as a belt. I've always liked seeing alligator or crocodile belts. Some people may think that it's obnoxious, but then again, some people think matching shoe colour with belt is obnoxious. A nice black or brown strap in an exotic skin is definitely a way to add something unique to your look. 'Cept snakeskin. I've very rarely seen snakeskin done well.
Beautiful shoes, Manton.
Well, I was in Montreal and walked into Vogue par l'Equipe Uomo as promised. Unfortunately I was met with an ugly case of vanity. The first man I talked to seemed nice initially, but soon afterwards seemed too preoccupied with hanging up new stock to answer my questions. A couple of times he practically pushed me out of the way to get at a display. Sorry, but I wasn't going to stick around there and try and pry some information out of them. I'd say I would go back to...
RJ, I remember hearing that the founder of Seraphin is a Russian fellow, so if that is correct it might explain why their only store is in Moscow.
That looks great, z! I agree with the pockets, but overall, it's a great cut.
I'll take one for the team - I'm in Montreal next weekend and I'll find the shop you're talking about, RJ. I can't remember the name, but it's right on Peel. I'll ask the reps about the company. With any luck, they'll have some tidbits of information we'd find useful.
Quote: Originally Posted by mendel Ottawa's strongly in the running for that title, if not the lead. I don't know about that. There's no Kiton or Brioni or anything along those lines here, but you can find some decent labels in the smaller stores. Vernini's got Cerruti, Tino Cosma, and a couple of others, including Versace, if you're into that. Morgante's got the usual suspects for more fashion-forward people. The old place on Sparks... E.R....
Soph, that coat you posted is probably the nicest I've ever seen. kitonbrioni, that entire collection is stunning, especially the two Kitons.
You'd have to ask Roger about Vancouver. He knows the city inside and out, I believe.
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