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Great seller, great to deal with
Very awesome collection in here!
Hey, glad to see there are others from Ottawa on here as well. Most of the places have already been mentioned save a couple of small boutiques that come to mind right away for me - Morgante on Sparks and Vernini Uomo in the St.Laurent Centre. Morgante carries all the usual suspects - Canali, Boss, Cavalli, etc. They also carry Canali, AE and Boss Orange shoes. Haven't been in that store in quite a while. Vernini is definitely all over the place when it comes to style....
Isn't there a similar style but without the laser that G&G makes? I can't seem to find my catalog at the moment, but I seem to remember something along those lines. Otherwise, do an MTM with G&G and it'll be close to the price of a Lobb RTW. At least, last I checked
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade What I'd like to know is, how does one take a picture like that and get the shoes in the frame? I would think that with a lens wide enough to fit all that in, the heads would look like pumpkins... Fisheye lens, I would imagine.
I agree with those that said there really aren't any real benefits. Maybe structurally it helps, but if a shoe is cemented and edge-treated properly it doesn't even need to be stitched at all. Traditionally, though, especially in wetter climates, it's a good idea. The origins of the channeled stitch could have involved stitched aloft shoes allowing water to seep in through the seams, but that is merely speculation on my part.
I just checked and it seems to load fine for me. I've put the files on my server for reliability, so let me know if the problems persist. Otherwise, as nerdykarim said, there is a copy of it on the SF wiki at D
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Well, you may be right about that. The two things that I didn't like about Flemings product were: 1. The stitching was done in a way that left larger, more visible holes. 2. More importantly, the edge dressing was not done nearly as nicely. Bea's look like they have just beeen wax polished over time while Fleming's look kind of gooped on. I use the Fleming's belt more with cords which goes along with your...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I have belts from both of these and there is an immense difference in quality. I have never seen a belt that comes close to the quality of April in Paris, and the Fleming belt while OK is at least five steps below. I think even more than just quality, there is a large difference in the type of belt that they make. Fleming makes more of a Western-style belt - just a straightforward strap with a buckle made...
Quote: Originally Posted by blizzack1 Does anyone have any good sources (affordable, but decent quality) for exotic skinned belts online? Thanks! Wow, someone else from Ottawa! There are some sources online, though only two that I know and trust by reputation: and Though if you're from Ottawa, there is an atelier in town (disclosure: my company) that makes entirely handmade stuff.
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