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There's been a change in Aquawhatzit ownership.
Consumer Reports (October, 2010) reports highly flamable, sub-standard Zirconium dioxide "flake"of the lighter Audi R8 polychromatic metallic colours was prone to spontaneous combustion during recent solar eruptions.
Please be advised that PRL is a corporation grossing over US$5 billion per year. .com listings are only a very, very small fraction of available merchandise. Check RL stores. The larger ones should have swatches and a special order and/or made-to-measure service. The odd jackets you reference are Spring weight wool mixed with silk and/or flax in a brown and beige Glen Urquhart check and one houndstooth/dogtooth check. Orange-tie dude has a probably pink vertical...
How does one "look" walking away?
The dove tail heel is known generically as a "McAfee" heel.
Is it ironic of an Oxxford suit flogger to criticize tassel loafers as fogey-ish? Brown calf first, reverse calf later. Brown calf's a basic necessity, reverse calf ain't. Kennedyesque professional surfer Buzzy Kerbox in a 1980 Polo catalog.
Quote: Originally Posted by lokman ...they're attached to my head... If you're right-handed you may be attaching (stapler?) les chapeaux with more pressure on the right side, causing an unsightly and no doubt embarassing polyester indentation, or "crimp" in the vernacular - thus diminishing invaluable street "cred," or "face", and risking humiliating "diss". Try stapling the left side with your right hand and vice versa - or cricket caps.
Quote: Originally Posted by 1gnition ...This is directed to... I. Gentantithesis (another person who lives in 19th century England)... Well, there you have it Jeeves. Voila. In the spirit of noblesse oblige one deigns, selflessly, to enlighten the unilluminated and himself bites the hand which attempts to save the objet of one's charitableness a few farthings. No good deed goes unpunished, eh wot, no good deed goes unappreciated! What's to sup?
This thread TRAD?
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