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Watch Donnie Darko often. Then pepper your conversations with quotes from the movie, it will make you sound real intellectual and shit.
I want them if they want me. Im not concerned with race as much as I dont like it being fetishized, e.g. the way some white women get over black/hispanic men is almost as creepy as the way some white/black guys get over orientals.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Now read the whole thing Chipper. 10" drop. Not bad for an old man. Between diet and exercise, hope to have it at 12 or 14" drop by end of year. Me oh my, such broad shoulders, you must be bulgy, like a moose.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brothersport *blink* Yes, and that was how a snarky post fails. Should I have used a smiley to make everything better? Quote: Originally Posted by Milpool I think it is appropriate to tailor language to the audience. Quote: Originally Posted by zillka how simple minded and uncouth to focus on the tools of communication, rather than the actual message...
Quote: Originally Posted by Brothersport What would be worse: a doctor yelling about a fucking diet to a patient or a doctor abusing the power in the physician-patient relationship to give him/her cocaine and fingerblast him/her off-duty? Is this how a strawman is built?
Fat bitch on a diet, dont try it I'll jack yo' ass like a looter in a riot
32" 1080p is kinda LOL. Hope it wasnt too expensive.
The racial stuff made me LOL. I talked to some umm, I mean colored black guys on the bus this morining and they said thanks to Mayer it was no longer a nigger pass, theyre going with Mayer pass from now on.
Not for nothing but you could probably print a pdf out and read from that... I know, just sayin'
Temptation to make stupid joke too...storng. Good luck.
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