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Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Thomas Kinkade hate is so old, it's practically Byzantine. Like Michael Bay and Creed before him, there have been few easier targets of hate from boring and unremarkable people searching for critical credibility with intelligentsia. I'm almost at the point where I want to purchase his most grotesque canvas imaginable to hang in my living room to spite his detractors. Oh my, youre so ironical. Sure...
I've taken a few tests for companies and the third party recruiters I have to jump hoops through, I think only one of them has been brainbench. FWIW, security guys are real sticklers for exp. Some of the guys I used to work with went on to become IT recruiters and they would tell me about these guys with large sections in their resumes dedicated to acronyms and certs with little to no real world exp.
^All the companies I've worked at had some pretty in depth tech interviews for their security guys to weed out the all cert/ no practice IT guys. Couple this with some companies having a Masters program whereby they help you pay if you sign up for a couple more years w/them... I say complete your degree and work with your company to further your education.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blog Marley it can't be worse than being a pharmacist, my original track. i appreciate the input and advice. should i work on getting a masters right out of college or work for a few years and hope my company helps pick up part of the tab. For what you want to do exp is worth more than paper.
Anyone stating how her damage makes her more real sounds both creepy and capt'n save a ho'ish. Full disclosure, she still has a couple of rungs before hitting the bottom of my barrel; so in summation, would hit...
GQ hit the nail on the head. CS is your best bet for what youre outlining. On the security side of things they trade on knowledge more so than certs. While most entry level (lvl 1/2) type stuff will ask for a cert, MSCE, A+, CCNA, that sort of thing is usually an HR dept throwing around key words, the key is going to be gaining some OJT. Starting salary youre looking at 35-40k.
Its more of a matter of attracting attention to yourself for standing out. I say go for it.
Quote: Originally Posted by blackplatano Yea, basically... He mostly hates the other guy so much that he wants to use this as a revenge. He thinks taking her back would humiliate the other guy and dumping her afterwards would humiliate her. A: This plan is so embarrassingly myopic I can put money on it not working out this way. B: If she is planning on leaving her chump for your chump then she thinks he's bitchmade. Shes prolly right. The best...
Quote: Originally Posted by blackplatano P.S it's relevant to note that he is a stereotypical jock. Gets girls, acts alpha around other men and feels like a bitch if he does nothing. Whats the provocation in this scenario that he feels a reaction is necessary? From what I've read he was manipulated, lied to, and cheated on and he's now considering round two, right? Where's the General Akbar gif again?
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