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Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim I'm considering getting "Effyou Apple" on the back. Did you ask Steve Jobs to use vaseline?!!? Cuz he's not gonna use it if you dont ask for it. He's not a fucking mind reader.
If its time sensitive then I would have to echo the HTC Desire recc. If you got time on your hands then I say wait around a couple of months and see what Microsoft does with Window 7 Mobile, which looks really promising.
Theres two ways to view luck, as the pragmatic function described by Seneca or as the arbitrary function described by Woody Allen. It takes a bit of both. Quote: Originally Posted by Hany Yet a young man who wants to become a business man and who decides to go through an engineering program and to study philosophy and who becomes a huge industrialist is probably not as lucky as a man who made a business by pure luck yet the first guy is probably more...
Quote: Originally Posted by Desi Only fault I see with it all was the amount he would normally spend during that time. ten dollars for shoe shines he could do himself. Not if you want to look like Tom Fords philippino stunt double from a distance.
Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you?!!? Its like all you guys do is post things in threads on a message board then read them and reply!! What the Fuck!!?!?
Finished GOW3. Was rather disappointed with it. Story sucked, aimless button mashing will get you through most fights (didnt upgrade any weapons until last hour or so of the game just to see if anything different happens), the dialogue was terrible, it was like they just spliced sound clips from the first two games into this game to avoid paying voice actors/writers. What this game has in graphics and polish doesnt make up for what it lacks in everything else. I can...
Having reasonable claim to needing a neologism on par with anything brought on by social networking sites wins you a little trophy with a gold bee wearing a graduation cap on it. Only the "2nd Place Lincoln Middle School Spelling Bee 98" has been crudely scratched out and I just carved "ASSHOLE" underneath it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt ...Side note on the WWE thing - I was kind of annoyed at his pro-wrestling styled 'YOUR BELT IS FAKE' spiel at Carwin (true though it may be). Way too much like he was toe to toe with The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin was gonna come bursting into the octagon with a fold-up chair. Uncalled for and out of place. Thing about this is while it sells seats, I imagine the kind of fan brought along by these...
Gets really senseless after the first half hour. Couldnt care for any of the characters or their non-sequitur arcs. This will be on TNT in a year, watch then for free, if nothing better is on.
Quote: Originally Posted by celticgent Perhaps it doesn't look the same on paper as it does in meatspace, or perhaps I do come off as an asshole. The word "gent" is in your screen name, thats like expecting chaste from a girl named Heather.
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