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Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Most movies would seem overly self important and referential if you took away their main antagonist. Is that how your remaining nut feels?
Quote: Originally Posted by celery This movie is awesome. It has it's hilarious moments, but it's dark and twisted in multiple ways. It surpasses all the other comic book movies except for "The Dark Knight" imo (but only because of the joker). Funny thing about the Dark Knight is that without the Joker it just seems overly self important and referential. gravely voice =/ gravitas.
"Hate to fart and run but I had broccoli for lunch. Dueces."
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire She's lying. It's a trap. Its his first real relationship (end quotes), dont ruin it for him!
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson I get lonely sometimes. I get so lonely, Can't let just anybody hold me You are the one that lives in me, my dear Want no one but you
Globe as someone who's been fired many a times I can tell you, you did nothing wrong. I read all youre posts about the assholes you have to deal with that you dont fire yourself or get fired otherwise. Most jobs require an effort on two parts, dealing with the task at hand and dealing with the people involved. Being old, young, pleasant, disabled, or stoopid is not a grounds to lack on either effort.
Defendor - with the glut of hero movies that have been coming out I think it addresses a reality to the endeavor. You would have be mildly retarded to put on a costume and try your hand at vigilantism. Plus Woody Harelson is superb as always.
Just left some store and while walking the crosswalk to the parking lot with my kid some fat cunt in an oldsmobile on her cellphone just drives right infont of us like we dont have the right of way. It was nice that she made eye contact with us while doing it and kept on her conversation about some dumb fat twattery shit. This kind of stuff doesnt bother me when Im alone but when Im with my kid it really pisses me off.
blogspot has that muff guessing and filth guessing thang down pat. But tumblr got that ultra ass and tittey collage thing worked out. It deppeneds really, are you doing some ultra titty blog or a "will she fuck that midget" blog? If its some personal blog where you talk abot your mundane life in great detail and post some shitty poetry then it doesnt matter.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Despite what apple might want to sell you, it's still a shitty fucking excuse to not offer something I bet a lot of people want on a top of the line notebook. Pretty much every other manufacturer offers BD-ROM option. It's pathetic, plain and simple. ... Having said all that, will streaming eventually be huge? Yes, definitely, but not this year or next, and that is what's relevent to discussing Apple's absolute...
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