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Quote: Originally Posted by walneal pics or it did not happen I second the request and/or the comment
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel Patrick Chu is the head cutter and general manager (I believe) at Chan. He will be back from his U.S. tour by August. I am sure they have other personnel that can competently handle these matters in his absence. Perhaps those with familiarity with Chan's HK operations can advise you on this. It's probably imprudent to commission several suits with Chan (or any other bespoke tailor, for that matter) on your first...
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRogers These are questions best asked of Chan directly. However, they could accommodate you within a fortnight stay very easily but try to make sure Patrick is there during your visit. Alternatively, they make visits to the US quite a bit, so you might want to consider that, although the waiting will be much longer than going to HKG yourself. Hi. I'm new to this forum and decided to jump in because it caught...
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