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About $20--which I'll use for cash-only spending. Everything else I buy with my CC, mostly because I can't stand dealing with coins.
I just had a great experience buying from hamm23.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson 1.You should bone her. 2.Whilst boning her, start to choke her---- now don't go crazy. You want to hurt her momentarily, but not permanently. Squeeze hard enough for her to know that you're the boss. Then look her straight in the eyes and say "Bitch my name is Mink. Stop callin me 31 or you're dead." 3. ?????? 4. Profit! You have a penchant for writing clever things.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson My suitors never call me wilkie. If you meant "Sutors," then no, those won't get you laid... But anyway, I've known so many crazy chicks that you never know what they're thinking; and it never hurts to get some other perspectives, hence the topic. I'll see her tonight at a Halloween party--although she'll have to call me Falcon Heene.
So you know how guys often call each other by their last names/surnames--at least it happens to me. (I think this is an interesting discussion topic in and of itself, but I digress.) I've noticed, however, that women never call me by my last name. Never, that is, until this I meet this great girl (we instantly click, have a lot in common, she's hot, etc) and now she's started referring to me by last name only. It's kind of irritating--I think it makes her less feminine to...
Great thanks to chorse123 for a fantastic jacket that was shipped out quickly and very well packed!
Quote: Originally Posted by johnnylazar My 1947s at...i think this was at the 5 month mark. The knee fades are crazy, they are starting to wear through now. <---"The rivet's no longer there!"--->
I'm sick of people using the word "price point" when "price" is just as appropriate. You're not all economists, f-tards!
Incotex high-comfort, slim, unhemmed and in a very nice light avocado color perfect for summer (photo conveys color accurately). Nice pick stitching throughout. European size 48 MEASUREMENTS: Waist: 16" Thigh: 12" Knee: 8 1/2" Front rise: 11" Asking $OLD Priority shipped CONUS
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn n/m, they apparently do this to newb sellers or certain high risk categories of goods. Yeah, how do you know this? My feedback score is 54 and 100% positive. The item in question was a laptop. Although a buyer did file a non-receipt dispute against me a few months ago--possible scammer. (Thank God he bought insurance.)
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