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Quote: Originally Posted by Glados1984 both are a wank, chronometer is even more of a wank unless you NEED percision. but you dont need percision. Are you confusing precision with accuracy?
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Lift the right shoulder up while you are wearing the jacket and see what happens. That should make a difference. My right shoulder is a tad lower than my left. I raised it, which does make the vent close up a bit more, although it still doesn't look the same as the left side. Assuming it is both a shoulder and front/back balance issue, is it worth trying to fix? Quote: Originally Posted by...
I've noticed that on all my jackets the right side vent juts out slightly while the left one lies flat. Here's what I'm talking about: Right Left I thought it was caused by my wallet, but it's still there when I take it out. Any ideas on what could be causing this or how to correct it?
Just had a great experience with HomerJ. Looking forward to purchasing from him again.
I live near this place and would like to check it out. Does anyone who's been there think they'd be alright with me using them for alterations only?
Vaporisateur spray, 100 ml (3.4 oz). Sprayed a total of 2 times. Retails for $130 $60 priority shipped in the US
Price drop to $125
I'm selling 2GB of 204-pin DDR3 RAM (2 x 1GB) from my aluminum MacBook. It's approximately 1 year old. $35 priority shipped CONUS
Quote: Originally Posted by NeverFullyDressed Yes I've heard that, they seem to have got better. I'm looking at Roderick Charles as well, but don't really know enough about them to be confident. I might buy a CT suit and see how I find it. I've found them to be quite a good value for the money, especially if you're interested in a Savile Row-style suit (double vents, shaped jacket, working cuffs, etc.). If you're a 38R, I'm selling a CT...
Quote: Originally Posted by ekinwang hi, i am very interested. what is the blue stripes in the last picture? thanks! The blue threads are there to secure the stem of a flower/boutonniere--a nice touch should you encounter the need for one
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