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Price drops.
Ralph Lauren Purple Label light-beige glen plaid 3-button sportcoat. -Made in England by Chester Barrie. -Used but in excellent condition and ready to wear. -Material isn't marked (see tag), but this feels even softer than my Polo cashmere sportcoats, so I'm willing to bet it's cashmere. -Side vents, ticket pocket, beautiful roped shoulders and hand-sewn buttonholes. -Tagged 38R, but will likely fit a 40R (see measurements) MEASUREMENTS: -Chest: 21" -Shoulders:...
Price drop to $250 shipped!
I've gone on several dates through OkC and met my current F buddy on there. The women I've met have been for the most part crazy. The thing with online dating is that it puts up a significant barrier to the "first face-to-face encounter" that's the essence of normally meeting someone. In that sense, it's a bit of a time waster when you have to message X number of times back and forth before actually meeting someone IRL. I go on the site when I'm bored and chat with randoms...
I bought these glasses online and they just didn't work for me, so rather than return them, I'll put them up for sale here for a slight discount! This is the darker tortoise model with the G-15 lenses. Comes with box, case and all accessories in their original plastic. SOLD
This is a beautiful brown herringbone jacket with a subtle burnt-orange/blue overcheck made of a 67/33 wool/silk blend. Two-button, side vents, made in Italy. Measurements: Chest (pit-pit): 21.5" Sleeve (from shoulder): 26.5" Length (from bottom of collar): 33" Shoulders: 18.5" $300--->$250 USPS priority shipped in the US. Thanks for looking.
Ingenious product, this: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=230493428071 (I'm not the seller)
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel awesome, enjoy. After many trials and tribulations with other brands, we have become a strict SAudi family. These are gas guzzlers, no?
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness Orly? I have had nothing but trouble with Steve Jobs' POS music software. When I reformatted my computer and reinstalled itunes, the program refused to recognize my old ipod and demanded that I reformat it as well, thus erasing the backup of all my songs I had done precisely in order to avoid losing them. Best of all? Because itunes loads songs into the ipod in a proprietary, non-mp3 format, I can't extract them...
Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 anyone NOT eligible for the full upgrade yet planning on buying one anyways? these prices for used 3gs phones is crazy. eBay is fetching $250-$300 on used 16gb 3GS and more for the 32gb. i'm not eligible for the full upgrade yet, but thinking about buying regardless just because of the prices for used phones. I'm not even a year into my contract, but for some reason I was able to upgrade for $200. I...
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