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Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal You're a moron. Faith and religion are not the same thing and there are far worse things than being religious. Not to mention, there are a lot of different religions and degrees on religiosity, so your stupid fucking generalizations are worthless. In the context of this discussion, the distinction between faith and religion is meaningless. Both involve believing in something for which there is no evidence.
I just received a pair of Mabitex from skefferz. He was a pleasure to deal with via PM, the pants arrived promptly and they were literally packaged like fine china! I couldn't be happier with my buying experience and don't hesistate at all to highly recommend him.
VG: You've made some great progress to be playing the prelude by memory after only 4 months. (Don't neglect the fugue now...jk!) I can't ignore your avatar--any Shostakovich in your future?
The Bicycle Thief.
Reduced again. I need these sold!
It's almost impossible to find a mechanical chronograph for under $1000 that's in ready-to-wear condition. If you need a good-looking mechanical watch on a bracelet, I'd recommend the Stowa Seatime. Not a chrono, but it's very well-made, unique and retains its value. There's a waiting time for new ones (I think two months now and about $900 shipped), but used ones pop up every so often on Timezone or Watchuseek. You can score one for less than $700 if you're lucky.
Price drops.
Ralph Lauren Purple Label light-beige glen plaid 3-button sportcoat. -Made in England by Chester Barrie. -Used but in excellent condition and ready to wear. -Material isn't marked (see tag), but this feels even softer than my Polo cashmere sportcoats, so I'm willing to bet it's cashmere. -Side vents, ticket pocket, beautiful roped shoulders and hand-sewn buttonholes. -Tagged 38R, but will likely fit a 40R (see measurements) MEASUREMENTS: -Chest: 21" -Shoulders:...
Price drop to $250 shipped!
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