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I just received a pair of Mabitex from skefferz. He was a pleasure to deal with via PM, the pants arrived promptly and they were literally packaged like fine china! I couldn't be happier with my buying experience and don't hesistate at all to highly recommend him.
VG: You've made some great progress to be playing the prelude by memory after only 4 months. (Don't neglect the fugue now...jk!) I can't ignore your avatar--any Shostakovich in your future?
The Bicycle Thief.
Reduced again. I need these sold!
It's almost impossible to find a mechanical chronograph for under $1000 that's in ready-to-wear condition. If you need a good-looking mechanical watch on a bracelet, I'd recommend the Stowa Seatime. Not a chrono, but it's very well-made, unique and retains its value. There's a waiting time for new ones (I think two months now and about $900 shipped), but used ones pop up every so often on Timezone or Watchuseek. You can score one for less than $700 if you're lucky.
Price drops.
Ralph Lauren Purple Label light-beige glen plaid 3-button sportcoat. -Made in England by Chester Barrie. -Used but in excellent condition and ready to wear. -Material isn't marked (see tag), but this feels even softer than my Polo cashmere sportcoats, so I'm willing to bet it's cashmere. -Side vents, ticket pocket, beautiful roped shoulders and hand-sewn buttonholes. -Tagged 38R, but will likely fit a 40R (see measurements) MEASUREMENTS: -Chest: 21" -Shoulders:...
Price drop to $250 shipped!
I've gone on several dates through OkC and met my current F buddy on there. The women I've met have been for the most part crazy. The thing with online dating is that it puts up a significant barrier to the "first face-to-face encounter" that's the essence of normally meeting someone. In that sense, it's a bit of a time waster when you have to message X number of times back and forth before actually meeting someone IRL. I go on the site when I'm bored and chat with randoms...
New Posts  All Forums: