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Zappos is having free overnight shipping right now and I was looking to get some new shoes to wear with my New Standards and ES Fultons. Right now, I'm wearing dark blue/red New Balance 574s, but I'm looking for something a little less mainstream. Any suggestions? Thanks
Just got some new standards and can't wait to get them hemmed. Should I do this right away or after the first wash? (I can't really see myself wearing 4" cuffs for 6 months.) If I hem them now, should it be a little longer than normal in anticipation of shrinkage?
It is possible to shorten the sleeves from the cuff. My tailor cut a strip of cloth between the two bottom buttonholes (inside the sleeve), shortened the sleeve by the width of the strip by sewing together the two cut ends, and made a new buttonhole. The only evidence of sleeve-shortening is visible on the inside of the sleeve (it's just a new seam and new buttonhole).
As far as I'm aware, none of the Jermyn St. shirtmakers fuse their collars. I would assume Coles to do the same.
Anyone know where I can find APC in the Detroit area? I've tried Peasant in Birmingham, but they've got me on hold until they get the fall shipment. Thanks.
The best-tasting protein powder by far is Whey-Vantage (sold at GNC). The same stuff can also be found online under the label American Whey for cheaper. I bought the chocolate, mix it with milk, and honestly look forward to drinking a shake every day. It also appears to be all-natural with no artificial sweeteners, etc.
I just got the all-leather ones from the J.Crew sale and so far they are the most uncomfortable footwear I own. For anyone that has leather flip flops, how long did it take to break them in (or a nice callous to form between your toes )?
Is their 50% off deal still going on? Even though the sale 3 weeks ago is over, it seems that the suits at half-off are worth a try.
Quote: Originally Posted by Andre Yew BTW, be careful with that J. Crew jacket: it's got sewed-on elbow patches. I think that will make it significantly less versatile. If it didn't have the patches, I think it would go with lots of things: many clothing items like motorcycle jackets, polos, polo coats, jeans, etc. are worn well outside their original environment. --Andre What's so awful about leather patches? I can remove them pretty...
One of my major concerns with T&A is I find their double cuffs to be too tight for my watch. Granted, it's not a slim Patek Philippe, but it is pretty inconvenient to have to keep pulling the cuff to cover it up. maybe that's why prince charles is always fidgeting with his cuffs?? Also, I'm not a big fan of their "distinctive" collar--the points are a little too long and it looks ridiculous when worn open without a tie. If given the choice, I'd pick Hilditch over...
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