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Bump--1 day left! Both H&K are still without bids at $9.99 Bespoke T&A without bids at only 99 cents!
I'm selling a few nice shirts on eBay, various sizes, but mainly larger or long. Please check out the auctions if you're interested: Thanks for looking!
Could you please post measurements of the waist? Also, how much do these usually stretch out? I wear a 30 in APC NS and those are perfect after they've stretched out. Thanks
Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I decided to go with these Tigers in "white/black ink":
Thanks for your suggestions and sorry about the double thread--I didn't realize my first one got through. I'm in the midwest, so a more all-weather sneaker would be best. masqueofhastur- I've looked at ecco, but I'm looking for something a bit more retro, with some color as well. I've also been looking at onitsuka tigers but I recall them getting a bad rap around here some time ago.
What kind of (athletic) shoes look good with denim? I'm currently wearing blue/red New Balance 574s with my New Standards and ES Fultons, but now I'm looking for something a little less mainstream. Any suggestions? Thanks
Zappos is having free overnight shipping right now and I was looking to get some new shoes to wear with my New Standards and ES Fultons. Right now, I'm wearing dark blue/red New Balance 574s, but I'm looking for something a little less mainstream. Any suggestions? Thanks
Just got some new standards and can't wait to get them hemmed. Should I do this right away or after the first wash? (I can't really see myself wearing 4" cuffs for 6 months.) If I hem them now, should it be a little longer than normal in anticipation of shrinkage?
It is possible to shorten the sleeves from the cuff. My tailor cut a strip of cloth between the two bottom buttonholes (inside the sleeve), shortened the sleeve by the width of the strip by sewing together the two cut ends, and made a new buttonhole. The only evidence of sleeve-shortening is visible on the inside of the sleeve (it's just a new seam and new buttonhole).
As far as I'm aware, none of the Jermyn St. shirtmakers fuse their collars. I would assume Coles to do the same.
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