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Looks like this guy's head (from Robocop):
Are the buttons MOP/shell?
Quote: Originally Posted by SeanathonHuff I heard this was distinctly not the case. If you're referring to his second term, when he was in early stages of Alzheimer's disease, this isn't really fair. I think it's interesting to wonder how similar the last years of Reagan's presidency may have been to Brezhnev's.
Slightly off-topic: how does one "report" a seller without making a transaction?
A classmate of mine has a tendency to use what must amount to a mile of toilet paper every time he shits. One time, I was in the stall next to him and I counted no less than 20 times that he would unroll and tear, until I felt too uncomfortable just sitting there and had get to GTFO. (All the while, he continued his ritual.) Recently, I realized that he uses all that TP to cushion his porcelain throne--wrapping it like a mummy and leaving the janitor to clean the soggy...
I appreciate seeing unexpected/unique materials being used for accessories, especially when one can't instantly recognize what that material is. Works perfectly for a wallet, which to me really should speak to the owner's individuality. Despite this, OP, your creative use of duct tape for wallets, etc would probably be better appreciated in the SW&D section, where experimentation is generally better-tolerated.
Quote: Originally Posted by cross22 Oh I see. I was thinking it was ironic that the poor guy wants to cut taxes for the rich while the rich guy wants to cut it for the poor guy while raising them for himself. This
Have you considered an action back?
The second looks like you busted the seam.
You snuggled up next to her after she passed out?
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