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Bump for a solid seller and some great deals!
Looks like this guy's head (from Robocop):
Are the buttons MOP/shell?
Slightly off-topic: how does one "report" a seller without making a transaction?
A classmate of mine has a tendency to use what must amount to a mile of toilet paper every time he shits. One time, I was in the stall next to him and I counted no less than 20 times that he would unroll and tear, until I felt too uncomfortable just sitting there and had get to GTFO. (All the while, he continued his ritual.) Recently, I realized that he uses all that TP to cushion his porcelain throne--wrapping it like a mummy and leaving the janitor to clean the soggy...
I appreciate seeing unexpected/unique materials being used for accessories, especially when one can't instantly recognize what that material is. Works perfectly for a wallet, which to me really should speak to the owner's individuality. Despite this, OP, your creative use of duct tape for wallets, etc would probably be better appreciated in the SW&D section, where experimentation is generally better-tolerated.
Have you considered an action back?
The second looks like you busted the seam.
You snuggled up next to her after she passed out?
Here's what I was talking about (tie bar on the left):
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