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Quote: Originally Posted by tlmusic How does she feel about Glenn Gould? Lol. "Glenn who?" The one Gould fan I've met turned out to be totally nuts, so that's no longer something I really focus on in relationships. I did take her to the symphony and she seemed to like it. It's weird; it really does feel like a "My Fair Lady" type of thing sometimes.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Thanks for backing me up - but I actually was referring to black people coming from the other side of the tracks. The only time I've really encountered the term was when I read Jerry Spinelli's "Maniac Magee" in grade school - which is situated in a town filled with racial tension, with blacks living on one side of the tracks and whites on another. No racism intended. If it helps, I used the term to mean...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel She can learn proper english. She can't learn gorgeous. By the way, you can (and probably do) come off as a real asshole if you sit there being a grammar nazi every time she speaks. This makes sense to me. BTW, the reason I've never said anything (am not arsehole) is that I think it's rude and superficial to bring it up--and not worth the risk of losing that sweet, sweet poon of hers.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles I was just wondering. Does the grammar bother you more, or does it bother you that other people will hear her using it? It's definitely both. It probably bothers me more, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles So your new gf is black? (other side of the tracks?) No, she's white but blue-collar. (I didn't know OSOTT implied she's black.)
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex The downside of mail order brides... From teh other side of the TRACKS, not POND... Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay If it annoys you now, then it'll only get worse, especially as you start to interact with her family. Just saying..... Haha, I was just at her grandfather's birthday party with all her relatives and it went surprisingly well. I really don't care that much...
So this girl I've been dating for a few weeks is really gorgeous, caring, sweet, etc. EXCEPT she comes from teh other side of the tracks (so to speak), and uses phrases such as: "I got..." (instead of "I have...")--I think she usually gets this one right, though. "I seen..." (instead of "I saw...") It's starting to bother me a little (especially the second one)...partly because sometimes it leads to confusion. Example: Me: "Hey do you like that unique thing I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter Oh, the irony... The ones in your first link look great. And at a good price. I think double-sided silver ovals are my most versatile pair. The silver knots are nice too, although not as formal as the double-sided ones. Honestly, I've been wearing my silk knots more and more regularly. Get a three-pack of various patterns at a Brooks Brothers or something. They're about $6, I think.
Your links don't work.
Price drop to $450! I mean, pretty good for such a wardrobe staple...
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