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Looking at your lists of pros vs. cons, it looks like you've already made up your mind. So just join already!
This Debaufre Nav-B 44mm just came in today.
I thought zegna xxx were made by zefer (zegna x ferregamo), but this could have changed. Anyway, they are not necessarily Goodyear-welted. Chances are, they aren't.
@OP: try Turnbull & Asser. Their RTW French cuffs are very slim. Ever notice how elegant Prince Charles's cuffs look? He's wearing T&A. They're so slim that they pretty much require double-sided links and even then hardly accommodate a large watch. I also second TM Lewin for smaller cuffs. (I haven't noticed a difference between their regular and slim fit cuffs though.) Good luck.
Yams (I generally can't handle sweet warm things that aren't dessert) Eggplant (the texture stimulates my gag reflex) Mussels (taste like a steamy pile going down my throat)
UPDATE: So I've been kind of correcting some of her more blatant and irregular grammar miscues (like the random double negative)--but in a teasing way. (Basically throwing them back at her--and yes, I guess that's making fun of her but that makes her correct herself.) Finally, she catches on and asks why I "make fun of" how she talks. ("Not all the time..." I reply ) Surprisingly, she follows up with: "Ok then correct me all the time." Befuddled, I refuse. I think that...
I just got the fleece "denim" jacket. It's a great looking piece and perfect for cool spring weather. The Altoids were a nice surprise! Thank you
Still in the market...
He exclusively wears RLPL, IIRC. And with a bit of sloppiness err...sprezzatura (unbuttoned jackets, pants too long, cuffs undone, etc.)
Tie between "solipsism" and "recalcitrant"
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