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Some new martegani's ive had for a few weeks but never posted Elmo leather on 75 Last. 72 Last boot
Ok here is the second and last batch of shirts. All shirts are in good condition. Prices here do include shipping will try to work discounts on multiple shirt purchases. Up first is a Hickey Freeman white with blue semi square pattern.FC. Size 15-33 $20. Robert talbott size 15.5-33 FC $20 Robert Talbott. FC. 15.5 - 33 $20 Robert Talbott FC. 15.5 - 33 Coppley shirt made by Royal shirts in Canada. This is a 15" neck 33.5 sleeve...
Ok I will get some pictures up. Will be a few days on the pictures though. I'm not sure on pricing yet though. I will have to figure it ok, any recommendation? Oh and these are the canvas and leather bags (similar to the steward II pictrued model featured online). Made in Norwak CT. I need to clean them up a bit and make them look nice for everyone.
I have some Ghurka bags that are about 25 years old in fairly good condition but do show some signs of wear. They are the No. 32 travel bag, No. 53 duffle bag, and two No. 58 suitcases. Wondering if people are interested if they are will get pricing info and pictures up.
thanks you just made my life a whole lot easier
Ok so it seems like i always have computer questions for a clothing forum but don't feel like rejoining another forum to ask. I was wondering if there were hot keys to toggle the language in Windows Vista? I was using Cyrillic start kit and it was Shift+Shift which was pretty useful but Vista doesn't support the starter kit so was wondering if there is anyway to do this with windows preinstalled Russian keyboard?
Different strokes for different folks. Everyone has their own sense of style and can look good if you put them together correctly. I wear them and people love them.
A lot of manufactures are now making products for russia. When I was at Canali this season they made a jacket specifically for the Russian market and have only booked it there. (For those who are curious it was a down jacket with a mink collar and mink hook wouldn't really fly in the US and they have not booked a piece of it outside Russia). Thanks for posting gives me something to read later tonight.
So I just got Vista and have a question about Windows Media Player. The site I download MP3's from usually loads the previews of about 30 seconds or so for songs/albums. On my last computer running the latest version of WMP but on XP it would just load and stream the files. Now on Vista its making me download them and then I have to open then delete them. Is there a way to make it like my old computer and just stream them? Its from the same site just don't know how to...
Do you have the fabric? Take it to someplace that sells Coppley they can do it for you, i know coppley accepts work like this, most shops don't know it so ask them to call. Samuelsohn might also do it but i know for sure coppley does (at least for suits/sport coats a belt might be to small but its worth a shot)
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