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Just wondering if armani only distributes these brands through their stores? Can't seem to find them anywhere else besides their locations or outlet locations. I see the collezioni but not the exchange or emporio.
If its there merino wool sweater (which they do in a v-neck, polo, mock, etc) then they run true to size. Their fancy sweaters run small.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSN125 Very very interesting... Any information on the Coppley MTM shirts? How are they made? Coppley bought the Royal shirt factory and that is where the shirts are made. I own about 6 of them and have been happy.
Coppley is half canvas. They don't make a full canvas garmet. The black label and white label is going to disappear in the next season as they are going to make all to the black label specs. I dont' know how this is possible as when I visited the factory last september they only had one small room that turned out the black label garmets but this is what we were told and the salesrep has reiterated the fact for us to. As for the three roll two I am not aware that they...
Been using T&H for a few years now and love it all. Found it better than Trumper which we used to carry in the store and found T&H to be better
Personally i've always had good experiences at Hemsley park lane and Le parker meridian which fall in your price range
I know coppley does western wear. They have three bodies, the tex, the fargo, and the tex-ew (dont' know where this name came from). I know they aren't favoured here but they are cheaper than brioni.
one of the better blogs i've seen, kept me busy while its slow here. Just don't watch the bow tie video, its probably the most complicated and worst looking bow i've seen.
I got boot cut ola's dry denim in a 30 that i'm wlling to sell
Ike White, Ike Blue, Harvie and Hudson Check, Coppley and Polo shirts have been sold
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