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All the measurements are up
Will have all measurements up tonight.
i'm leaving the country for awhile and need to create some cash for the next year. So i'm selling some of my suits. 1) Brioni, sz. 40R (50Euro). Three button, double vent, single pleat pants. Color is a blue with a greyish tint. Has working button holes on sleeve all done by hand. Asking $399.SOLD Chest: 44 Shoulder: 18 1/8 Length: 31 1/2 Sleeve: 25 1/2 Pants: Waist: 33 Inseam: 30 Knee: 11 Cuff: 9 1/2 Rise: 11 2) Canali Exclusivo Suit. Size...
2k is a little high for RC. the suits we have this season from them are around $1600 and next sesason around $1795. we do have a 100% cashmere SC thats going to be 2k but thats it. The suits are honestly the best value out there. I think the most expensive fabric I saw from them in terms of suits was around somewhere around $2200 and it was for a super 150's i believe.
The measurements for the 10.5 are as follows Length - 12.5" Width - 4.25" I tried to take additional pics but my card reader won't read my card on my computer. They are brand new and don't have any flaws.
Here are the Fairfax Pictures Also #2 is sold and so is #4 in 9.5 both pending payment. It won't let me update my orignal post.
Can people please include number when refering to the boots. Got a few messages but not sure which boot they are talking about. All widths are D width.
Price drops on the two martegani shoes
Everything is going up. Just coming back from market its going to be another 10% (in some cases more, but many italian companies are finally responding to the price increases and trying to keep it low) increase in almost anything coming from europe and about 5% (and again in some cases more) for anything not. If their fabric is sourced from Italy then that could account for the price increase. I bought a Polo Custom fit about 2.5 years ago and it was priced at $125. ...
I have some personal shoes up for sale and some not. The first three are personal shoes and only have the sizes listed. I'm leaving the country for a year and need to free up some cash. Sad to see them go. The marteganis were bought for this fall but since i'm not gonna be here they must go. 1) The first pair up is a pair of Martegani's that were made up. they are 9.5 on the Y last. The fit true to size. The are the antique Elmo leather. Its basically Ron's...
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