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Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock What do you guys think of this stack Im considering leading up to a local Oly meet? 80-20 days prior: Testosterone Propionate 100mg/day in three days, then rest three days and repeat. 80-50 days prior: dianabol 20mg/day 75-45 days prior: stanzolol 20mg/day 60-40 days prior: oxandrolone 20 mg/day 50-35 days prior: clenbuterol 80 mcg/day 50-25 days prior: Proviron 50mg/day 60-14 days prior and 10-3 days...
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji Just trying to put on a lot of size and get my lifts up lately. I know the diet seems ridiculous, but it is working, my lifts are going up a lot and I'm putting on a lot of mass so I'm not gonna stop. Don't see whats so stupid about it. Whats stupid about is that your not putting on much muscle at all. The average person can only put on about .5lbs of muscle per week. That also goes down the closer you are to...
Quote: Originally Posted by CunningSmeagol I've been working on squat form lately, which included moving to low bar, sitting back more and going deeper. It does take some getting used to. Anyway here's what it looks like today: IMPORTANT NOTICE: No media files are hosted on these forums. By clicking the link below you agree to view content from an external website. We can not be held responsible for the suitability or legality of this material. If...
I have a similar problem. Haven't worn a suit in 3 years. In that time I've gone from a 140lbs (38R) and now I am sitting at about 196lbs. Tried my first suit last week for my wedding and I'm now a 44R with a 32" waist. The suit makes me look even bigger than I am. Considering my Fiance weighs just about 100lbs we look like David and Goliath. Clothing is really hard to find. I can't find a dress shirt where my biceps fit. Everything looks like it is painted on in...
I have had my clothing and shoes in storage for the last 3+ years. Suits in cotton garmet bags. As well as shirts. Shoes were left in shoe bags and they are still fine with trees in them and they have not dried out. 9 months you should be fine. Ties were put in talbott boxes. Everything is still as it was before I left.
Do we have that many Russian members here?
Dead lifted 200kg for reps.
Thanks it would probably be whatever model Niemans sells as it is going to be brought to me from the US. But wanted to save my parents some trouble. However I had forgotten about virtual clothes horse (which would save me a lot of money). I see he has what I'm looking for so will shoot him a message.
Can someone tell me what the bicep measurement on a borrelli shit it on a 16.5 (42). I have bigger biceps (17") and am having trouble finding shirts that fit. Also a chest measurement would be nice as well as this is the first dress shirt I've bought since I've gained 60lbs.
It's great to log on for the first time in almost three years and still find one of my threads active. It's nice to be back and see the forum very very active. Much different from what it used to be. Can't wait to be back in the states in a few months.
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