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Usually the off fith and rack are bad places to look imo. They have been through countless mark downs in the regular store before being sold to those second hand discount stores and its mostly crap. Cause the bigger vendors make you buy so much and then the big houses work the mark down deals in. Ah the vicious cycle that pushes out the little guy. sorry got off topic. But try the 3rd markdowns at most of the first hand stores or soemtimes at the outlets if you have the...
simply doesn't work like what pretty much everyone else said
My complaint with the park ave and i am pretty sure its been discussed here is that the cap is just a bit to small for the shoe. Personally I like the Sorrento or the Sienna from Romano Martegani and have been thinking about getting one for myself as i don't own a black cap toe now.
Looks like everything is sold pending payment or is paid for. Next up shirts...
The only two that have been paid for are the belvest and the BB 40S stil waiting on the other two for payment
Is that new? I've done it before in the past.
You just change your funding source when making a payment. I never draw from funds with paypal because i like getting money back when i use my CC.
You guys are quick
Ok here are the suits I mentioned in my last sale thread that no longer fit me. They are all in perfect condition unless mentioned. Will get measurements upon request but i am about a 33.5" sleeve length with a 29.25 inseam and an average waist of 31". ALL HAVE ROOM TO LET OUT. Can get individual measurements upon request though. First up is a 38R Brooks Brother 1818 super 120's suit made in Italy. It is a medium grey with a light white window pane pattern. Its...
I agree with Chorse. One ugly item does not mean a company is crap. It should the buyer who is to blame. Zegna just gave them the option. As for Zegna as a company, no names to be mentioned, but when a certain somebody gets a hold of a company not always good things happen.
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