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XkX please PM me your address and I can ship the items to you on Monday. So what It looks like Several Robert Talbott Estate shirts a White Brioni An Ike Behar Shirt And Allegri 38R trench a Paul Stuart Double Breasted top coat Several Ballin Pants Several Incotex Pants Several Robert Talbott Belts Two Etro Shirts A few cuff links and what not
Rosebud? Sorry are you asking if I am Victor? Oh and keep all your fine submissions coming.
I guess that is fine. I haven't been posting here much but occasionally read here now. What was the shoe give away?
Well long story short I was working as a buyer for awhile. Then left the clothing industry (only to return) for teaching in Russia. While I was there I got in lifting and power lifting. Bulked up from 140 to about 195 and well I don't think I'm going back. So I thought this would be the best way instead of dropping some things off at a box someone who can appreciate clothes would find it helpful.Also I have some talbott belts size 32 I am going to include and some more...
I will trade you. It is annoying having to eat all the time and eat so much.
Back in 2004 I was fortunate enough to receive a gift from a very generous member here on styleforum of clothing he no longer wanted. It was just as I had begun to get into men's clothing. 7 years later I have still not forgotten the generosity of this member and I would like to extend his generosity to another stylefourm member. In the same way I would like the clothing I have purchased in the past 7 years to go to a member who can put it to good use and appreciate it....
Buying stuff is fun! At least you have them when you need them. But I know what you mean, got a little carried away and just bought 100+lbs of chains. The wife is not happy about it but you can't return cut chains!Also how is Smolov working for you (if you posted before I'm to lazy to go back through this long thread)? I've always been curious about it but have always seemed to shy away from it as it seemed like to many days squatting to be effective.
Honestly unless you really want to go the retail way as in becoming a buyer, manager, etc. retail isn't going to open a whole lot of doors for you. At least I haven't found it to. I like my job, but it is not want I want to do for the rest of my life. When I was younger and first starting out in men's clothing I loved it but my passion killed it for me as well.The reason I asked the Billy Mays question was to hint at this. You have the passion for clothing which is...
I really think Mcbrown hit the nail on the head. I've worked in and out of sales for the last 10 years of my life, at BB, Banana Republic, at an upscale mens clothing store, cars, and now at a large higher level department store. 99% of the customers dont' care if the suit is canvased or not. If there is handwork. What brand it is. Price is the biggest factor usually. They shop for what they like and your job is to sell it to them. Most of the time it is the women...
Tell me about it. I left it for 10 minutes and when I came back to that section it was gone. It's a custom belt so I know one day I will see some dude wearing it. Not to many purple and orange (school colors) belts out there.
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