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Excuse me but what does FUSE mean? Really like OB but never had the pleasure to purchase nor wear any of his garments.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stu What is that? Attolini? Barba? Beautiful shirt. DNA, my clothing label (see links below). Glad you like it
I am a 36" chest and cannot find NOTHING that is slim fitting on me. ALso, when jackets tend to be slim fitting, the torusers usually do not matvh this cut and are quite baggy. Depends on your size and what style you are after. Have a look at my links (down below) and if you need info email me (I have a slim-fitting clothing line) PS usually have a very nice selection as does Ozwald Boeteng (expensive though). Good luck
Standard (french cuff) dress shirts do not look good without jacket; however, if they have character, then they can be worn without something over them - the above slim fit shirt is a good example: shirt, french cuffs, beige trousers, burgundy (or black) loafers. Shirt & tie and no jacket - no no
OB suits are mostly slim cut. A slim cut suit should always have a rather short sleeve, allowing at least 1" of the cuff to be seen at all times and surely will expose the cufflink when arm is slightly raised. I only wear slim cut suits (I am very thin myself) and my sleeve ends just under my wrist bone (while arm is straight down). I always have a long enough shirt sleeve underneath and thus cufflink always shows. In the 60's when the 'tight fit' suit was most popular the...
my 2 pence worth: I wouldnt wear any of these with a navy blue suit (maybe the stripey one with a sky shirt); if the suit is light grey (like examople on pciture) it does fit well but not a darker gray; surely both ties would look nice iwth cream/beige suit, pink or sky shirt. As for brown belt/shoe to match said ties, its an option but not a necessity
3 nights ago (worth mentioning): had gone to visit my aunt in venice and bought some fresh squid with its ink bag intact; that night I chopped it up, cooked it with garlic, prezzemolo, dry white wine (I think it was pinot) and made risotto adding its ink; final touch was a butter-prezzemolo-garlic mix I had made the day before; I was in heaven (and had black teeth ); accompanied with prosecco
Something simple really: pork chop cooked on pan (no oil or anything), finished with Balsamic vinigar (modena of course) and mixed green salad , glass of cabernet franc from a local wine maker. Dessert was home made raisin cake accompanied with cool bottled sweet verduzzo from Friuli (sorry don't remember specifics). Today's lunch was light: starter was 'pasta e fagioli' which is a bean soup with some small pasta inside, topepd with grana padano, and olive oil; second...
Depends on personal taste: its a no no in my books.
flannel is longer, uncombed if you will, whilst the latter wool is combed and thus smooth. Flannel is a winter material whilst the other is not necessarily heavy weight. Hope that helps
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