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I dissagree on this point: huge difference between leather soles and rubber / plastic soles, try wearing no socks with either and you will find that on the former your feet are not sweaty and do not smell, not the case in the latter. Same goes for cotton shirt or poliester shirt: you will find that the body breathes much more with naturl fibres instead of plastic ones.
Fred, I see things from a 'creative' or designers point of view. To me those shoes are virtually like any high end styles offered by almost anyone. The sole is thick (I do agree, not the tickest) and pertruding over the upper (yuk), the toe cap is the classic beak shape, and they are awfully and uneccessarily elongated. Not to mention it is a classic half brogue. The thing is most shoe makers (except maybe for say Berlutti or Ferragamo) all have very similar, when not...
I do apologies, yes indeed I was refering to leather soled GY and not the construction per se. It really does boil down to personal choice and individual foot structure. My main 'beef' is indeed with GY leather soled shoes, and it's mainly a stylistic one.
I have worn CHURCH brogues but I passed them on as I was not happy with them (more of a style thing). I purchased them second hand with very little wear (so somewhat broken in). It is very much down to what one is used to, but its a fact that quality thin soled shoes (cemented) are more flexible than its GY equals. MOre flexible leather sole along with quality calf skin (or crock or ostrich leg ...) makes for a super comfortable, lightweight flexible shoe. And these...
If you are not a 'shoe collector' but just want some good dress shoes to wear whatever the weather conditions are, and if you do not rotate much, then goodyear from a quality repectable maker is the best way to go. The leather of the upper is usually made with quality leather that only gets better with age (must take care of it). So a new sole and an older upper is not a problem esthetically. Now, if you have plenty of shoes to rotate, and live in a place where rain isnt...
All the above sugegstions are very usufull and spot on. Why are you buying suits online? Are you on a tight budget? I've never been to Japan but i'm sure Okinawa has alot of decent clothing stores which you could shop from. I'd prefer to purchase an 'ordinary' suit from a decent shop (so you can try it on and see fabric & pattern) rathern than spend 200-300$ online and risk not fitting well. Good luck
http://www.amazon.com/1950-s-Fashion...e=UTF8&s=books The above book is a good start but depends alot on what character you are playing and in what context. When you have more info then its alot easier. The above book is good for classic smart 1950's styles and not your teenager-casul look good luck
If you mean how many bottons on the collar, then this all depends on what look you like and how you are going to wear said shirt. I think 2 bottons (high) collar is very nice especially if you like the slim fit style. There are also 3 botton (high) collar versions and this goes down fine with many - its all up to ones personal taste, and also very importantly ones pysical shape (high collars do not look good with a low-neck person IMO). To answer your question (as Jovan...
- nice shirt and tie (fits well) - I like the length of trousers, but they're too tight at the bottom, compared to the bagginess on top (I dislike the 'funnel' look - its either or as far as I'm concerned); the turn up is too high - nice shoes and would not opt for brown (would clash with sky tie)
Thanks GBR - I guess you mean the 'fusing' of the front chest pads/re-enforcements (can't think of what they are called in english) - I see, thanks.
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