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Linen shirt, cotton bond cuff shirt, selvege denim
Home and work under the same roof - Built in 1693!
Linen, linen and more linen!
Personally think both look fine (although I do not know how formal your High School Graduation should be as I got banned from mine ). If you are meant to be formal then go with the black shoes, if not the brown ones are fine. try getting a tie that has some similar shade either in a pattern or as a base colour. That said I do not see a problem with wearing double monk with a suit (I do and I certainly do not care if there are silly 'rules' like these). I know you said the...
Very hard to find a maker that will use rubber soles with quality leather uppers and craftmanship, and that is for a reason. You should ask yourself why most quality makers bespoke or otherwise, use leather soles.I fully agree about GY shoes tend to be better made, no doubt about that
As stated, it's a matter of personal tastes and I respect your opinion. I do not expect most men that mostly or only like thicker, classic soles to like these. My obsession is what makes me design and sucessfully (since 2000) sell clothes and shoes I like and fill a gap in the market. If I were to design and sell a 'normal' spectator shoe with GY sole and more rounded toe I would be one in a million (besides, thats not what I like so would be wrong in all aspects)
Last summer. Silk-linen suit, linen shirt and wore chocolate brown belt .this is casual and by no means business wear IMO. If its bsuiness wear, do not wear tan shoes and blue, stick to dark brown or black
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