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Details please.
Wow, very clever indeed.
Can somebody ID this low bench/ottoman for me? Please!!
Quote: Originally Posted by TintoTerra Those are Nikes I think. The red ones. Wow, way to go to page three, dredge up a dead post just to make a lame joke. Fail.
Thanks for the try guys. I appreciate the effort. Cheers, Savage
Nothing definitive yet. There looks to be a small green tag at the top of the boot, but, of course, I can't make it out. Thanks for the suggestions so far.
Hahahahahahaha. Seriously, stop, you're killing me. Notice how I didn't say, "comment on the look of these boots?" 1/funny. Next.
I know it's a small, crappy pic, but can somebody ID these boots? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by sushijerk Warehouse are supposed to be soaked. These jeans have a big leg twist and is natural to the denim. I cuff my 660s and the selvedge on the left leg is right in front while on the right leg it's on the side. Just part of the character of these jeans. I love the fit on my pair. So, since the top block is fairly snug right now, should I cold soak these instead of hot soak? Or, just hot soak and grin and bear...
So, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered. Contenders were: Skull S5010XX 6x6 Raw PBJ 005 Raw Warehouse Dubbleworks 660 Eternal 811BG And the winner was...Warehouse 660. I got them in today and have some fit questions. First, I sized down one from my actual measurements and got a size 30. The top block is tight, but not super tight. The waist is just about right when standing, but when sitting there is about a 2" gap from my back to the denim. The...
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