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Nope, Boise can't go to a BCS bowl (unless it is selected as an at-large team). A team from a Non-AQ conference only gains an automatic berth if:(1) It is the champion of its conference;(2) It is the highest ranked of all eligible non-AQ teams (i.e. other conference champions);(3) It is ranked in the Top 12 of the Final BCS Standings OR (3a) It is ranked in the Top 16 in the Final BCS Standings AND an AQ Conference Champion team is lower ranked.Boise State is not eligible...
The biggest loser here is the Sugar Bowl, which would undoubtedly have liked a Houston / Oklahoma or Oklahoma State game.
The problem with putting Alabama in there is that they're relatively untested. They had one of the easiest schedules in the SEC (Georgia might have had an easier one) with only one "high quality" win - at home against Arkansas. Only four of their wins came against teams with records above .500 (one of which was Georgia Southern, a 1-AA school, so it's really 3). I'd much rather see OSU in the game (unless they lose to Oklahoma).And the Big XII doesn't need a championship...
We already know that LSU is better than Alabama (and Oregon). I want to see if they're better than OSU, too.
Buy last years Schweser notes on ebay. The material does change, but probably not enough to impact pass/fail in one year.
The way that I interpreted that (correctly or not) was that the 50% black (immigrant) "customers" who prowled in groups were perceived to be 'straw buyers' out to get as many of the choice products as possible for somebody else to sell on eBay at a profit.
Could you clarify that?Presumably you mean that shoes were being sold "clean"?It wouldn't shock me if they were selling some 1st quality merchandise with an "S" stamp, but I would be surprised if they were selling shoes with no stamp at all.It's probably the better methodology to get rid of their old stock. Historically (I haven't made it to the store in a little more than a year) they had sort of a "list" of sale shoes behind the counter, and the salesguy would rather...
It was explained to me by the manager of the South Coast Plaza store (~3 years ago) as he was stamping one of the pairs I bought with an "S", so I presume it is or was the policy in the US stores.
Really? There are schools with lower football admissions standards and less off-field oversight than Ohio State?I guess with the NCAA sanctions, it's TBD what Ohio State will be like in the future, but I'm not sure it will impact their behavior all that much.Alabama vacated 16 wins in 2005/2006 and won a title four years later.USC seems to be on track to contend coming off a two year bowl ban.
What's supposed to be wrong with that shoe?
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