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It's clearly a beveled sole, but not painted black, as Lobb typically does to its bevels. My guess is that either it was left natural at customer request, or got its "R" reject before soling, and they just threw on a spare beveled sole they had lying around. I think the concept of "prestige" goes a little out the window with factory rejects - if it didn't meet quality standards, can you really consider it a "prestige" shoe?
How many "Boosters" do you think Southern Miss and Nevada have?This isn't the Sugar Bowl, how much media do you think there is?True.That sounds like vacation with my wife.
Georgia plays one of the tougher OOC schedules, almost always scheduling 2 BCS conference opponents in addition to 2 cupcakes. Most of the SEC schools just play one BCS opponent OOC (as do many of the other top programs).
The game kicked off @ 3:00 local time, and involved a solid vacation in Hawaii. Seems like a reasonable consolation prize. It would suck to play the Motor City Bowl on Christmas Eve, but the Hawaii Bowl doesn't seem like a terrible deal.
It strikes me that they're sort of a classic mid-major. They go 1-2 in non-conference play (beating some 1-aa school and taking 2 payday games at Nebraska or LSU et.al.), and are in the top half of their conference, which almost always is enough to put them in a bowl game. Apparently they have 18 consecutive winning seasons, but have never been ranked in the Top Ten.
This year I have no doubt that if the Big East Champion (West Virginia) had gone undefeated, they would be playing for the title. Of course, they would have beaten LSU as part of that undefeated record.The conclusion, I think, is that the Big East is now the Mountain West with an automatic BCS berth. Going undefeated in conference play won't be nearly enough to get them into the title game - but at least a BCS game is the consolation prize.
Of course. But does a one loss SEC team go before an undefeated Big East team, considering what 2013's big east looks like:UConnRutgersCincinnatiBoise StateLouisvilleSouth FloridaHoustonSMUUCFSDSUI'm not sure why we would take this conference more seriously than we do the 2011 Mountain West.
There can't be any changes to the (current) AQ conferences until after the 2013 season, and it's a fair bet that the conference landscape will be considerably different by then. The Big East is a great place for Boise for the next to years - they're basically being handed a BCS invite for 2012 and 2013, AND they don't have to schedule games @ Georgia (etc.) to build credibility to get to the game.Interesting question: if they run the table (as a Big East team) next year,...
It's strange that there's no rear game pocket on your beaufort - you're sure there's nothing in the back? I guess it's possible that in such a small size they don't put the game pocket in. As for size, a 36 is way too small for you. Barbour sizes are the same as suit sizes, so you're likely a 40 or 42.
Meh, they're in the Big East now, they can stop crying and start winning BCS bowls.
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