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Quote: Originally Posted by Sebastian_Flyte what brand? Trafalgar. Croc belt; tagged $148; MSRP of $450.
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse Wow, really? It had a tag on it still and the price listed was what you paid? Yep. And clearly a manufacturer fresh-from-the-factory tag.
I stopped the Gilt after I ordered something that came with a manufacturers' tag on it with an "MSRP" - for exactly what I paid on Gilt, and a fraction of the Gilt 'advertised' MSRP. The quality was not close to the full-price version, but with that return policy, what can you do?
Shop around on hotels; I used to travel to BH about three times a month. Initially, the Beverly Hilton was my go-to, b/c it's convenient and reliably decent. However, you'll find that if you shop around, you can stay at MUCH better places for the same price. It got to the point where I was staying at the Four Seasons or the Beverly Hills Hotel for the same price as the Hilton, and they really aren't comparable places.
Do you recall what the Woodbury outlet price was? And did they have any of the new(ish) roadster 'lights'?
Vivre.com has the roadster on sale right now. Neiman Marcus has a couple, but in oddball sizes and colors.
Quote: Originally Posted by Another New Yorker Kabbaz makes without a doubt absolutely super shirts and sweaters, I have been a customer--He is a great guy, and the service I have received is impeccable. I agree with all of that. I really like everything I've ever bought from him, and his service has been impeccable. At the same time, his reaction here gives me pause. Probably not enough that I wouldn't do business with him in the future -...
Quote: Originally Posted by jcriswel On the other hand, I do not like Alex's authoritarian manner. He needs to tone that down. Hopefully, Andy will nicely mention something to him about his role as a moderator. I think good moderators are like officials in the NFL - they need to control the situation but let the players play. I'm actually surprised at how Alex is playing this off. I have been a customer of his, but his reaction here is...
Fairway & Greene would be my first choice. Maybe Paul & Shark; do they have a golf line?
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur Usually it's total bullshit - they estimate and sometimes call/mail the business to confirm information, but if they don't get confirmation, i think they just go ahead and publish the estimate. As a former business owner, I remember getting those types of calls. But they'll report it as an 'estimate' - which should be taken with a grain of salt. Sometimes they do actually have full financials. They're...
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