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Understood, and I understand why (and philosophically agree). However, at the same time, despite your best efforts, we've ended up in the worst possible scenario. We do have a forum with subforums - there's a Watch subforum called "The Watch Appreciation Thread" and a Tweed subforum called "The Tweed Appreciation Thread" and an Allen Edmonds subforum called "The Allen Edmonds Appreciation Thread" etc. etc. etc. But as a result of the approach taken, these subforums...
I would make two changes: (1) somehow segregate (even if that means pinning to the top) the affiliate threads. I appreciate the affiliates, but they take up a lot of page 1 real estate (and have an incentive to keep themselves near the top). (2) put a time bound on the really popular topics. The time should vary depending on popularity - I could see WAYWRN being rebooted as often as weekly.
Agreed. I'm back after a somewhat long break, and it's astonishing. Almost every thread on page 1 is several hundred, if not several thousand, posts long. How can 35,000 posts possibly appreciate Allen Edmonds? It's a bit daunting.
My guess would be that the Company in question has a strict policy against vendors buying meals/entertainment/gifts for their employees to prevent conflicts of interest. You probably aren't allowed to buy them anything, but you also shouldn't be ringing up a bill on their account.
It wasn't clear (at least to me) that the OP's "business" was going to be in finance. Totally agree that if he thinks he wants to open his own money management firm, he's going to be better off with an MBA - just from a client-facing perspective. But if the dream is to own a Roto-Rooter franchise, that's not going to take a Harvard MBA.
You can find it on the small business administration website, but the stat is something like 10% of small business owners have a graduate degree. Depends a lot on what business you're trying to build - good luck founding a biotech without a Ph.D.; but the educational barrier to entry to owning a Subway franchise is not that high...
Depends on what business you're starting, but the overwhelming majority of companies were founded by people who have no professional degree.
Start your own business now. It is not going to get easier to take that risk as you get older. If you know what business you want to be in, you should jump in ASAP and stop screwing around in Corporate Finance or Asset Management.
1. Take responsibility for your screwups and fix them. 1.(a) Take responsibility for your teammates' screwups, and help them fix them. 2. In our 1x1 time together, don't waste my time with a list of things that you did since last time we met, especially if they are components of your job description. It's safe to assume that I believe that you are doing your job. I don't need you to tell me that. Use the time to ask questions or get feedback on how you're doing. 3. I...
It seems to me that adding a language (other than English) is probably not the best investment of time for a business career, unless you have an actual need (i.e. you know you're moving to China).
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