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Lobb has used Dainite in the past, though lately they seem to be using their own rubber sole (the Dainite is much better). Pretty sure you could do a MTO with it.
Leathersoul must be selling to somebody other than tourists, no?
How do you get that shine? I can't get any of my JL shoes to polish up with that luster - or is it the photography?
Have them in blue. Great summer shoe, but limited versatility.This is my third pair of Made in Italy Lobbs, and it's clear that the quality is not equivalent to the Made in UK - but in fairness, neither is the price.
The middle line is what you care about: 5E8000. Size 5 (UK) Width E 8000 Last It would be more obvious if the "5" didn't look like an "S".
Not sure where you're located, but you might give Keezer's in Cambridge MA a call. They undoubtedly have something that would work, likely in the dirt cheap price range, and sometimes have a gem available.
I strongly suspect that Zefer (Ermenegildo Zegna's leather goods subsidiary) is making the JL "Made in Italy". I have a pair of JL "made in Italy" loafers that are almost identical in materials, workmanship, markings, and even last, to an older pair of Ferragamo loafers (which I bought the JLs to replace).
Depends on your State, but this is usually an item for the Attorney General (overcharging of consumers). FWIW in Massachusetts, this tax treatment would be correct (sales tax is due on the market price, not what was actually paid), as long as the original price was >$175. Where it become really apparent is in cell phones - you buy an iPhone for $200, but pay tax on the full freight $600. But I agree, Gilt is terrible at knowing the ins and outs of local tax laws (I had a...
100% is nearly universal.
Pattern looks like little bent spoons - I'm going with a cooking theme...
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