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Gentleman, I've been using a Filson 257 for approximately 7 years, through medical school and now in residency. The canvas is starting to fray and look a little too rugged for the workplace. Furthermore, these Filson bags are ubiquitous now! Any recommendations for a similar sized bag, possibly slightly more refined? Thanks, Alec
Anyone have a recommendation for an online retailer selling Persol 714 SM's? Particularly tortoise/blue, polarized. Under MSRP would be great, but anything I can order without tax to California would be a big savings over Sunglass Hut... Thanks!
Terrific, thanks!
Could I trouble you guys for help sizing the Galways, which will be my first pair of EG? Pretty standard US 11D, for example, in Alden take 10.5 on the Barrie & TruBalance, 11 on Copley/Aberdeen. RL Darltons 11, Sargent for Sid Mashburn & Peal 11. I'm guessing 10.5 for the EG 82 Galways? Thanks much!
How did you size? Been eyeing them
You know I don't mind the fit the more I think about it; however, I'll try a 2XL and compare, should get about another inch in length and a slightly more relaxed fit. Accurate to say I shouldn't expect a whole lot of stretch from the Stark with wear?
Thanks for the tips, was able to try a large today, thoughts on fit? Tried both the navy mix & Bordeaux, undecided between the two.Sorry for pic quality, camera phone not loving dark store.
Any sizing tips on the Stark for a skinny 6'4 (~175lbs) -- thinking a Large? Typically take medium, sleeve length permitting, and sounds like the sleeves on these run pretty long.
290sqm is completely legit. My family lives in Amsterdam, have made several purchases there in person (including SNS).
Common Projects Officer's Combat Boot sz 44 in great condition, comes with original box (one small side of box torn/missing). No scuffs/stains/tears. Beautiful boots but no longer fit my aesthetic! Unused/new dustbags and laces pictured and included. $330 shipped CONUS
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