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and, what color is that Andover?
Freddy, what's that olive jacket up there?
love the stag jac!
can you provide measurements for the 2 solid color Pen Jackets (M and L)? many thanks!
i tried on the red/grey Pinkham shirt yesterday; the fabric is amazing (almost like cashmere?) and the fit is just fantastic.
Drinkwaters Henderson Blue Chambray Shirt EG Wool Engineer's Jacket Workaday Olive Fatigues Red Wing Beckman 9015 Rega Planar 3 turntable
do you guys wash shirts brand new shirts before wearing them? my wife maintains that i am crazy for doing this, but i hate that store smell.
Auctions over; thanks for looking! For you new wave, electronic, experimental, post-punk, indie, etc. vinyl lovers: my first foray as a seller; apologies for the bad photos. thanks for looking!
how do these compare to a Gitman Vintage size 16?
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