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Still for sale. Accepting all reasonable offers. Z
Selling these slightly worn TFH 3009's. They no longer fit me so hopefully someone else can break them in and get good use out of them. Cold washed once. Worn 20-30 times, mainly in office environment. Has been hemmed and also repaired for rear pocket rip shown in pictures, all done at Self Edge SF. *(Pics being worn are when new) Pricing is $220 shipped anywhere in the US. International buyers will pay for shipping. PayPal or can be picked up in SF, CA area. New - ...
Right on. I would love to lift at BBBC one of these days. I hope people retain the information they gained at the seminar. For me it can be hard getting out of bad form/habits, especially if you've been doing them for years. From what I hear Dan is a super nice guy, so the seminar must have been a great opportunity for people to sap as much info as possible from him and the rest of the crew there.Best,Z
I find this to be a complete and solid Leg Routine. I'm assuming you are in the gym about 4 or 5 days a week? Or doing a 3 day split?Edit: Did anyone here go to the Dan Green Seminar at Boss Barbell Club? Curious as to feedback and some general tips if anyone would care to share them.
I wish I signed up for the seminar at BBBC with Dan Green. A guy from my gym has signed up already. I'm sure it's booked now.As a side note, I just PR'd today with a 415 pound dead lift raw. Felt good.Have you looked into a Ketogenic Diet? It's an interesting option depending on your current stats.
Bump for a solid pair of denim. PM with offers. I need these gone.
That's a bummer. They answered my emails in a timely manner. I'm sure the holiday orders and inquiries has their hands full. I would try to email them again incase the previous one fell through the cracks.You can try BiG if you'd like a US company. I think even though the prices are a bit higher initially, the shipping costs and the fact they do free hemming on a pair you purchase from them, it may actually work out to be cheaper. If anything it'll be a tad bit more money...
The Ed Coan program was what got me out of my skinny physique. It put good weight and strength on me. It is a little intense. Ed Coan is a freak though. The program is very calculated. I had help following it from people in Power Lifting. I would see a few different routines through. Experiencing different methods will yield a good foundation, and can help you break through plateaus.
Thanks. I think a couple of them were good. But some of the reps would have been "red lighted"Agreed. I may try using bands or chains to help bring me to the floor.It is a catalyst for strength.
^ This.Are these offered in raw and "one wash"?If raw, did you soak them yet?
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