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SOLD I am moving out of the country in a few months, so I'm considering sell this briefcase. I bought it brand new. It is in 9.5/10 condition because I used it for a few weeks, and then stopped. It is not even close to broken in. The original price is $895. I'm asking $SOLD for it. Pictures are available upon request. For more info on Walden bags:
That's disgusting.
Quote: Originally Posted by sonlegoman Are you sure it was The Herpes or just a herpes virus? Herpes virus are in about 97% of the population. It's not your fault, some doctors are horrible at patient education. I think you might be referring to hsv1 the cold sore virus though hsv2 the one that causes herpes is common too.
You are overthinking this.
I recommend further reading on American Social Health Association's website.
once I was driving o highway and one landed right in front of me about 15 ft away nothing happened didn't even hear a sound.
I mean saphir creme cordovan. Saphir makes a cordovan cream specially for cordovan. Its on their website.
gangster used as adj.
1. Being irresponsible/unaccountable when giving advice, such as giving incomplete or just incorrect advice. The words mean nothing and weigh little more than the air they travel through. 2. People who won't honor a bet 3. Irrationality in men 4. Know it all (esp. when combined with ignorance. See #1 above)
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