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Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Aren't you married? You actually expect people who have a track record of making poor choices to be selected for this special panel? ZING!!!!!! So the contest won't be about photography? That's funny considering all you have to judge from are PHOTOS and obviously a pair of jeans can look great or look like crap solely depending on photo manipulation, lighting, etc. as far as I'm concerned every one of...
Don't forget the guys who are expert photographers using DSLRs the guy using his iphone to snap his pictures stands no chance against them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger we can tell if the jeans are artificially distressed in contests like this it's very clear who the winner is usually I've seen the skulls contest and I have got to tell you the top prize didn't look any better than second, third, or fourth place. I don't know what criteria judges go by, fading is subjective. Some like high contrast some like vintage so the public should decide. and it's not always easy to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mazda Yeah I bet Mauro is clamoring for a customer like you. You seem like a fucking peach. Who the fuck are you? Do you work for mauro? Are you his BFF? You shouldn't speak on behalf of others, in fact, if I were you, I wouldn't name drop anyone anymore.
Maybe I'll do the contest, what's it to you? Even if I have no interest, I can't ask a question? Most guys on this forum talk about clothes they will never own or can't afford, so what's your point? where is the ignore button on this forum?
I might have missed this but I was wondering who will be the judges, will it be all the members here? If so, members will choose based on what they like most even if they are artificially distressed, which can be a problem for those legitimately trying. If the judges are the guys selling these jeans or long time members 'who know best,' the decisions will be biased and will not necessarily reflect the results of the badass jeans but more of a popularity contest or the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger then don't buy the jeans? I don't know what you're looking for here... I thought there would be progress pics in this thread. I didn't realize the contests hasn't started yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mazda You bought jeans for the contest and not for the jeans? God I hate this place. then why do you post here you tool??? of course man I don't care about the jeans I wanted to win the grand prize which was any pair of jeans I wanted from the store and belt. Now that I think about it my odds of winning were only like 4%
That's What The Other Guy Said!!!
I just recently entered a local denim contest dropped $250 not even 2 months later and guess what the guy WENT OUT OF BUSINESS!!! No grand prize for me... I GOT STALLOWNED!!! I doubt I'll ever participate in any 1 year contests ever again. well at least I got a pair of jeans (that i am not even that thrilled about) out of it.
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