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I'd rather like to permanently have a Sobranie in one hand to complement the gin and tonic in the other, but I haven't got the taste for it, unfortunately.
I saw a performance of Piano Concerto No. 3 tonight. Half thrilling, half boring, like much of early to middle period Beethoven. I'd rather they did anything from the late period, frankly. Or, considering the main attraction was the Enigma Variations, Piano Sonata No. 8 would have been thematically consistent (Mendelssohn's Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage was the opener).
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Money Station, that was retarded. Seeing as how you are from Ireland, I'm sure that many of the MJ users there are what you say they are. However, in California, where MJ is much more ubiquitous, we have plenty of successful, original, and awesome people that enjoy themselves a toke every once in a while. I took offense. It was intended. And many may be successful, original and... awesome (I hate you for...
Marijuana is the drug of apathy. It is the drug of simpletons. It is the drug of middle class dullards. It is a drug for 12-year-olds, the next step after sniffing Tipp-Ex and permanent markers on the back of the school bus. And it's easily the least stylish drug in the world; the most pathetic substance of all. I have more respect for glue-sniffers. Utter waste of one's time and money. Quote: Originally Posted by Contingency Plan if youre gonna do...
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Becuase piano music is all I write right now. As well, I'm resigned to the fact that it'll be at least years before something like strings could be captured as well (As well, things like articulation, bowing technique, etc. can't be controlled entirely in MIDI, and would require more work than I'm willing to put in, TBH.) Sadly true. I do somewhat pity those who use VSL or East West or the like for actual...
I'm afraid I can't be of much help (this is the first time I've heard of both of those products), but I am in a similar situation to you. Early next year I'm planning on switching to Mac, but perhaps plumping for VSL. It seems to fit with what I want. I already have a reasonably good electric piano, so I'm looking for, well, the rest of the orchestra, really. The hours I expect to lose to it... Why is it that you're just looking for the piano software? Also, I...
Your vibrato is a little unruly, and your diction could certainly use some work, but I give you a B+.
I bet he owns a Bedazzler.
The of November, no less.
If done knowingly and blithely, it can work. It's not terribly noticeable when done well.
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