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I hear Mr Schuman is not a homosexual...
Her career was truly an embarrassment of riches, but "For All We Know" remains a favourite. Just heavenly.
I'm betting he posted that Kevin Carter photograph. Call me Mycroft.
I was sure roll referred to the vertical length of a lapel, with belly being the actual curvature. I'm going to take one to my tailor, see what he can do.
One way or another, some of my jackets' lapels have become flat and lifeless. It's something I can't abide. Should I simply bring them to my tailor? What's involved in such an endeavour?
Who has a top six of anything? Pale Fire by Nabokov Coming Up for Air by Orwell Beasts and Super-Beasts by Saki Collected Poems (1988 Edition) by Larkin The Myth of Sisyphus by Camus Metamorphoses by Ovid (the A.D. Melville translation)
Much better post-op. I mean, post-Gaga.
My love for Elgar does somewhat conflict with my hatred of recordings bores, but I digress. I'm rather doctrinaire about British recordings being the only ones that capture that singularly British sensibility to Elgar's music. Everything else just sounds like the equivalent of Dane Cook doing Hamlet to my ears. For the Enigma Variations, I'm fond of Boult conducting the LSO. Recorded not long before his retirement and death in the early '80s, it has the wisdom, good...
I threw out all my Serge Gainsbourg records this morning.
Unfortunately, I'm genetically predisposed to enjoy this show. Likewise, gin and tonics help ease the guilt.
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