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As a card-carrying analdrapist (analyst of drape), I can confirm: Manton has teh drape. Not my kind of silhouette, but it looks good on you.
All looks wonderful, and I'd definitely consider myself an analyst of draping. An analdrapist, if you will.
I had a stick thrown at my back yesterday. I took it for the expression of latent homosexual admiration it so clearly was.
Please, stop calling everything Clubmasters or Wayfarers.
But Clubmasters are timeless. I'll be getting these as my next pair of reading glasses in a couple of weeks:
You should ditch the side part, . Old hair was less... old.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Can anyone confirm the religion of the culprit so we can start blaming leaders who don't distance themselves from his actions? He is believed to have been a Muslim sympathiser. An invasion of Bradford is imminent.
A McDonalds. [/Blowing of minds]
The Man with Four Shoulders.
Quote: Originally Posted by dropout5 i would have thought womens polos are cut differently thans mens, are they not? Womens' tops tend to have room for, you know, boobs. Considering the OP is wearing XL, however, that point is moot.
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