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This chap just looks fantastic: Grenadine tie? Anyone recognise the suit fabric?
I'll agree that the setpieces did seem rather arbitrary. Didn't get the reasoning behind the Goldeneye tundra dreamscape at all. Did I miss some explanation for that?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma The dreams of Inception=little more than elaborate action movie sets like the ones seen in James Bond films. They don't even evoke dreams just blockbuster movies... I'd like more Joseph Campbell and less Martin Campbell... Thing is, to what end would designing and entering fucked up dreams serve the characters? The way I see it, they need a solid enough structure for them to function in and achieve their goal...
After seeing this photo, I think you should definitely go for it:
All my pink OCBDs are short sleeved, obviously.
I request them on all my french cuff OCBDs. The blue ones only, of course. They'd look silly on a white one.
Take a cue from this guy.
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus The lapels and buttoning point are kind of a mess, unfortunately. Two lowest buttons need more space between them. There's not enough overlap as a result. Your right lapel is appearing far too low. Shouldn't make an appearance from beneath your left until just above the second button, at least. Works better without the two nipple buttons, that's for sure. Seems too boxy for bespoke, as well.
As a card-carrying analdrapist (analyst of drape), I can confirm: Manton has teh drape. Not my kind of silhouette, but it looks good on you.
All looks wonderful, and I'd definitely consider myself an analyst of draping. An analdrapist, if you will.
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