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Looking for some affordable ($40-$60) nice dress slacks in a slim fit. Any suggestions?
Hey all, I'm jonesing for a new pair of denim. I have a pair of Skull 5010XX 6X6 (size 31, been washed once, can post pics on request ) But point is I love the fit, but would like a skinner leg. Not skin tight, but a more tapered opening, can anyone suggest some fits? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude actually just looking for a pair of pants. so unless the inseam is short for asian uniqlos, it should be fine thanks! In my exp here in hk, max inseam on pants tends to be the waste size... ie, I cant get bigger than 32x32
Can anyone point me in a thread that will show ways of soaking? I'm currently on a college campus in hk, only have access to sinks and washing machines atm.
One more question, kind of thinking about a pair of PBJs. I'm not exactly in a position to soak them... is it ok to just get Raws and wear them? Or should I get one wash?
Looking for a jean rec. About a month ago I upgraded from my shitty H&M raws to a pair of Skull 5010XX Raws. Liking them muuuuch better and really loving the fit. That said, I'm already thinking about another pair to wear... I'm in HK so I have access to a good amount of stores (Take 5, Evisu, Dior, Uniqlo, etc). I want something that will fade well, and has a nice slim fit. Price range is fairly irrelevant... I'll try to get up some fit pics on the skulls...
Just bought a pair of these at Take 5... did I make a mistake?
Had one of my friends today ask me about my "Moccasin boots" Oh the fashion ignorant...
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