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Quite interested in IRON HEART 633S-14. Can anyone comment on the "character" of the denim? I had some Triple Works years ago, and the denim was extremely tightly woven, unlike any I'd seen before. Does this new denim "breathe" well? At only 14 oz, would you say it's cool or hot? Sorry if this has been addressed, I did some searching and came up with not much additional information. Thanks for any help/direction!
Eastland Shoe Men's Stoneham 1955 Camp Moc Oxford. Size 10.5 (I'm normally between 10.5 and 11, and these fit nicely). $195 retail Only worn a few times. Great shoe, but I'm doing some purging and these just don't get the use. Worn only with socks. High quality, handsewn traditional moccasin construction. Genuine Vibram Christy outsole. Comes complete with original box, also in super clean condition. Great shoe. Price includes FedEx Ground/Home Delivery. Will ship...
Afraid they are not. Best of luck finding a pair!
Nice size price drop!
Bought these in Dec 2012 from Indigo & Cotton. The waist is a bit big, and was past my ability to return them after I discovered this. Only worn a couple times. $275 retail. Measurements: Waist: 18.75 Thigh: 13.5 Knee: 9.675 Rear Rise: 16 Front Rise: 12 Inseam: 36.25 Leg Opening: 9 Awesome jeans, with great details, and the denim is like no other Cone Mills I've seen. Great feel and color. Did 1 quick cold soak, didn't affect the appearance of the denim. Price includes...
Very nice looking boot Sir!
Love those LWBs!
In case you wondered, these are still available, and still just as photographed. Feel free to send an offer, maybe I'll be feeling crazy that day.
Haha! Yes, Barrie last!
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