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I wanted to see that at the cinema, so not all it was cracked up to be? Still worth a watch?Looked that up on Imdb, I will check that out - I love Kevin Kline also
As others have said Butler, fantastic photos! Do you ever pair the flannel pants with grey tweed jackets or gun club check tweed jackets?Again great photo
Ah, he was excellent in Little Miss Sunshine and There will be blood.
Anyone a comic con fan and seen Dredd? Anyone a sci fi fan and looking forward to Looper? It has excellent reviews so far.
Hi GQ, thanks for this. Can you post links to specific products please? I couldn't find any of the above labelled matte on Amazon.co.uk.
Watched the trailer and read the Rotten Tomatoes review, it looks good fun and I like Audrey Tatou a lot - I'll watch this. Thanks Hampton.
He certainly is a grumpy chap, Teacher. I think it's all bluff though, and with a few drinks and some skinny girls, he'd be happy as Larry
Agreed, that is a beautiful suit, and the high rise looks great.
What do you think is the most versatile tie of the 2 below, given my suits are solid navy, herringbone navy or mid grey sharkskins. I have an olive complexion and dark brown hair Solid navy tie Solid dark green tie. I'm trying to buy better quality ties and starting with some basics, and have solid black and solid brown covered.
Absolutely love this TTO, more photos please! Cuffs on the sleeves too, very unusual.
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