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I watched Ink last night and absolutely loved it, an amazing film. I can't recommend it highly enough
No, the maintenance guys were just that - ordinary blue collar maintenance engineers, like you'd get on a seabound freight ship these days. The Nostromo space ship is just an ordinary "tug boat in space" and it was absolutely Ridley Scott's intention that the crew be shown as normal working people, rather than the fantastic, attractive space crews of something like Star Wars.The dialogue in Alien is very realistic and great writing.In contrast, Prometheus was a multi...
That's some lovely cloth PT! Can't wait for the fit pics.
Terminator 2 would be scary at age 9, yeah!Yeah I didn't realise it was him in 300 either until after his break through role in Hunger. I've yet to see Fish Tank, let me know what you thought of it once it's watched Have you seen Eden Lake? An unusual horror and very very disturbing.Yeah I love Thor, excellent comic movie, as is The Avengers - though I'd have liked more Black Widow and Iron Man banter (close ups of SJ's ass )LOL, a tad scary hoozah. Did you go and jerk...
Paris Motel - Songs of Innocence. Combichrist
Thank god Neo was trolling - you never can tell though 30 is plenty old enough to have seen Alien! I'm 36 and saw it for the first time while on holiday in Spain, aged 12. I'd heard so much about it at school from kids who'd got the pirate VHS video... but was not prepared for how scary it was at that age. I remember feeling pretty ill.I've then re-visited it every other year since about 18, it's one of my favourite films of all time. I am a big horror and horror/sci fi...
Jesus christ! *face palms*How can you think that?! Again, how old are you Neo? I ask as perhaps a very young generation are effects obsessed (but then the effects in Alien are excellent)
I can't believe you've never seen Alien before! How old are you Stitches?You may well like Aliens a lot more, it is very action packed. Alien 3 and 4 are not great and quite bad films, respectively.
Looks very interesting and has some great reviews, thanks for the heads up.
Lovely coat Sugarbutch, deets please.
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