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I hope this isn't too forward a question, but I thought it would be great to have an idea what everyone achieved on what budget, the idea being it would provide an idea of future budgeting/ career aspirations to meet a certain lifestyle. Obviously an annual clothes budget is also dependent on where someone is with their clothes collection - if you have a well stocked wardrobe it will be perhaps much less than in the early years when you built that wardrobe. To make the...
That's a very nice jacket SB, but can you post full fit pics? It's always good to see trouser and shoe pairings
I thought it was fantastic, really loved it. It's certainly weird and rough around the edges, but it's like that in an incredible Terry Gilliam way.
Get a brown and also a grey herringbone tweed jacket and you're all set for A/W
Has anyone seen Looper yet, or Killing them softly? I'm also really looking forward to On the road (hope I see Kirsten Stewart's boobs)
Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen!They mostly come at night... mostly.
Marks and Spencer are great for very good value tweed jackets.I have 3 from them in the last year, a green donegal, blue with burgundy overcheck, and a mid grey donegal. All of which are Moon fabric, which for £100 per jacket is excellent. Great cuts too.They also have Harris Tweed for about £200
Yeah, Bill Paxton in particular. That used to get my goat a little too, but then they fit within the whole premise that no one takes the threat seriously except Ripley. The colonial marines would have in fact kicked ass if they'd simply sent a decent commander who surveyed the installation (and it having a nuclear reactor) beforehand.They could have then had proper tactics, only flame units, things like that. It would have been a much less suspenseful film though.All of...
If you presume the company knew about the alien before the whole Nostromo mission set off (which you can debate either way - it seems to have been a very long trip, and would therefore lack urgency, Ash could be a standard introduction of a synthetic).... they did still send the best - by sending Ash.The rest of the crew were merely there to be bait, and entirely expendable, in fact perhaps preferably so as then there are no less ends.You've brought up a great point though...
I watched Ink last night and absolutely loved it, an amazing film. I can't recommend it highly enough
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