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Recent pics - the camera is too low so the quarters on the jacket and jacket proportions look off - I must get a proper tripod!
I'd like to see some sort of Planet terror mini gun attachment to that stump
That's pretty rough treatment of her ex - hacking his face up, chopping off his arms and keeping him on a chain - if anything that supports her going over to the gay-side !So all in all even with Andrea and Shane - it doesn't rule out my lesbian fantasy bubble Did you see the way they were looking at each other in Ep 01? It's just a hunch - maybe it will be a platonic fellowship type bond, but it does look to be fairly intense
Haha I don't think so. I get a distinctly lesbian vibe from Michonne, and suspect a love affair plot will develop between her and Andrea. Andrea's quite attractive in a pouty Milf way, so I'd quite like that
Have you guys ordered the formal shirts from CT lately?They have dropped the Tailored fit for an "extra slim fit", which is entirely different - even the collar seems different. This is a huge pity as the CT formal shirts fit me pretty much perfectly
This Friday to Wednesday I will be having a zombie film marathon, with Halloween coming up. On the possible line up so far is: Evil dead 1 and 2 Brain dead Happiness of the Katakuris Original Dawn of the Dead, the re-make and original Day of the Dead 28 Days Later. All suggestions welcome !
Love The human centipede stuff I'll be going as The slender man this year, and my GF as Mrs Lovett of Sweeney Todd fame.
Thank god this happened. As soon as the Craig David a like (didn't catch his name) started acting like a moronic rabid dog - which was straight away, I thought "oh crap another Shane storyline, where Rick is neutered again". Very cool he did what had to be done. Most people would have killed him almost straight away from how he was acting, but hopefully Rick holding back was the writers winding us up/ building Rick up, and we'll see him toughen up more and more.I would...
They're both from Marks & Spencer! The dark green one is from last year and they no longer sell it unfortunately.The grey one is from this year and you can order it online below. They're both Moon fabric and very well made for the money, I'd pay twice what they're sold for and still think it was good value...
Yeah my green jacket is my favourite by far at the moment
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